Our Lady of Mount Carmel 

From its beginnings, Mary is the Mother of Carmel, its Queen and Beauty.
The early hermits built a little oratory dedicated to her in the midst of their cells, calling themselves the Brothers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
For them, for us, Mary is mother and sister, model and guide.
Her presences pervades our whole Carmelite lives. This gives a special
Marian tone to our prayer and our community life.

In Our Lady we contemplate the ideal of the Carmelite Order lived to perfection. Her example inspires us to follow in her footsteps.
She takes the lead among the Lord's poor and little ones.
She best exemplifies contemplative life in the Church.

Carmelite Constitutions

Our Lady's altar in our chapel

Our Lady's altar in our Chapel at Kilmacud

Mary humbly and wisely welcomed the
Lord's Word and pondered it in her heart.

Pondering the word

Mary was wholly responsive to the
impulses of the Holy Spirit.
Mary is the valiant woman
who follows Christ faithfully
and shares in the
joys and sorrows
of his Paschal Mystery.
Statue of Our Lady


Through our Relgious Profession we belong to Mary in a special way.
But devotion to Mary is not only a matter of saying more prayers to her.
It implies a relationship and this grows through reflection, prayer and
study as well as doing things in her honour.

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